Astrology Manual: Beginner 1

Astrology Manual: Beginner-1

Astrology Manual: Beginner-1


Section 1
What is Astrology?

Philosophy: Psychological/Spiritual Choice-Centred Approach

History of Astrology

Section 2

12 Sun Zodiac Signs & their potentials and challenges : Aries to Pisces

Learn keywords for all signs.


Section 3

Planets – Geocentric versus Heliocentric perspectives

Planets’ Symbols/glyphs – mythology and Ruling Signs:

Inner Planets : Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars

Outer Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto


Section 4

The Houses : What are they : areas of experience!

The 12 Houses and what they mean – keywords

Houses symbolise the Axis Cross of Awareness


Section 5

What is the Ascendant or Rising Sign? Projected Persona/Mask!

12 Ascendant/Rising Sign characteristics and pictures

How to quickly calculate the Rising Sign