Astrology Manual: Beginner 3

Astrology Manual: Beginner-3

Astrology Manual: Beginner-3


Table of Contents

Section 1:  How to erect a Natal Chart by hand . . . .

Basic astronomy lesson on Latitude/Longitude/Time Zones;

Sidereal/Solar Time; Southern/Northern Hemispheres etc.

Section 2:  Calculation of Chart: Step 1 – Finding Local Sidereal Time

Section 3:  Calculation of House Cusps: Step 2

Section 4:  Calculation of Planets : Step 3

Section 5:  Calculation of Nodes, Chiron, Part of Fortune & Vertex

Adjusted Calculate Date (ACD)

Section 6:  Definitions in Astrology

Putting it all together (one-on-one coaching lesson with Jeanni Monks)